Mieczysław Grąbka

Mieczysław Grąbka

A graduate of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków (1973).
For nearly 30 years he has lectured in the academy’s Acting Department.
1 July 1973 – The Stary Theatre, Kraków

Mieczysław Grąbka is an actor with an expressive style who harmoniously combines creativity with technical mastery and emotional sensitivity, and a sublime sense of humour with distinctiveness. He has presented a vast range of theatrical incarnations in productions by Andrzej Wajda, including such roles as: Mephisto-Kudlicz in the pastiche cuplé “A November Night”, the charming buffoon Antoni Relski in “As Years Go By, As Days Go By” and the farcical Nonancourt in Labiche’s “An Italian Straw Hat”. He displayed the quintessence of mature acting in the Porter’s monologue in “Macbeth”. The actor’s encounter with Jerzy Grzegorzewski was particularly significant for him, and in particular two roles: the neurotic Nos in “The Marriage” and the emotionally high-strung Konstanty in “Ten Portraits with a Lapwing”, based on Chekhov. His role of King Ignacy in “Ivona, Princess of Burgundy”, directed by Horst Leszczuk, is a masterpiece in blending genres. In the stage productions of Paweł Miśkiewicz, he ventured into the dark world of human nature (the Police Chief in Canetti’s “Auto da fé”, the Husband in Schimmelpfennig’s “Before/After”). He has played daring roles in productions by Mikołaj Grabowski (“Liberation”, “Parliament of Women”, “Trans-Atlantic”) and Mariusz Grzegorzek (“Woyzeck”). He has superbly entered into Jan Klata’s theatrical space as Matador Manuel and Cat Prince Omar in “The Wedding of Count Orgaz”, as Grigori Mikulin and Vladimir in “The Secret Agent” and as Regan in “King Lear”.

Mieczysław Grąbka’s technical mastery and remarkable comedic talent has come across once more in stagings by Marcin Liber, “Being Steve Jobs” and “The Old Woman Broods,” where he proved that he feels perfectly at home in new modes of theater.
For many years, Mieczysław Grąbka has staged musical performances by graduating students of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków (including the well-known musical “Chicago”). He has directed two plays at the Stary Theatre: Heinrich Böll’s “The Clown” and Arthur Schnitzler’s “La Ronde”.


1983 – 23rd Kalisz Theater Gatherings – 2nd prize for directing “The Clown” by H. Böll
1983 – 22nd Rzeszów Theater Gatherings – audience award for best male role – Hans Schnier in “The Clown” by H. Böll, dir. M. Grąbka
1980 – 20th Kalisz Theater Gatherings – mentions for the role of Konstanty in “Ten Portraits with a Lapwing,” based on A. Chekov, dir. J. Grzegorzewski


2010 – Honoris Gratia Medal

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