The Boy is Coming

The Boy is Coming

Based on the novel by Han Kang and a script by Marcin Wierzchowski and Daniel Sołtysiński
Dir. Marcin Wierzchowski
The Boy is Coming


around 5 h
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A person’s death is a crack in glass. The cracks spread far, cutting through the lives of many people separated by time and space. When, in May 1980, during the democratic uprising in the Korean city of Gwangju, a fifteen-year-old boy perishes while seeking his missing friend, the cracks created by his death affect his loved ones, his friends and family, and then spread on, touching those who once met him, as well as total strangers. Through South Korean novelist Han Kang’s The Boy is Coming / Human Acts (whose Polish translation will be released next year) the cracks have reached Poland, forcing us to ponder the fate of this boy, one of many victims of those events. Can we expound some truth about human nature from this story of a rise and fall? Can we look at a place as remote as South Korea forty years ago as if it were a mirror and learn something about ourselves? Do we have any chance of exploring the soul?

Our theatrical journey begins in Korea, then travels to Poland, delving into hidden anxieties about the future and seeking answers to whether what is divided can be salvaged so that it is stronger and more beautiful than before the crack came along – like the cracked plates sealed with gold by a Japanese kintsugi master.


Han Kang is represented by Rogers, Coleridge & White Literary Agency.

Copyright for the Polish translation by Grupa Wydawnicza Foksal.


Pre-premiere performances: June 15th , 16th , 18th , 19th , 21st  , 2019