Being Steve Jobs

Being Steve Jobs

Michał Kmiecik
Dir. Marcin Liber
Scena Kameralna
ul. Starowiślna 21



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  • 15.01
  • 17.01
  • 18.01


2 h. 50 min.
1 intermission

This performance picks up the discussion concerning the changes that have taken place in Poland since 1989. It focuses on the perspectives of three generations – people who built Polish turbocapitalism, the forty-somethings who fought the changes, and the younger generation who are asking questions about the mistakes that were made and feel the need to square accounts. This drama, specially written for the Stary Theater, features variations on the theme of some famous and not-so-famous figures who have come to live in an unprecedented situation. “Being Steve Jobs recalls a delirious projection of reality. Kmiecik looks at the beginnings of free Poland from the perspective of the distant future; his guides are the last people on Earth. They are beings incapable of making much out of all the commotion in Poland. Luckily, the play’s director knows how to show this confusion on stage,” writes Łukasz Badula on “Being Steve Jobs is a test tube of the political system – or we might say, the political apparatus – cooked up in a dramaturgical laboratory. It is a thing beyond comprehension; some it praises to the skies, and others it chews up and spits on the sidewalk.”

Everything changes rapidly on all sides in a series of short scenes, with Liber’s night-club aesthetic and the pacing of political vaudeville. The old Party secretary cannot find his feet in the free-market economy, though his comrades are getting on fine. He ineffectively tries to catch up with Wilczek, who explains to him that capitalism is like the Red Queen’s race from Alice in Wonderland – you have to run to stay in the same spot. And to catch up to someone, you have to run very fast indeed.
Witold Mrozek, Gazeta Wyborcza



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