The Old Woman Broods

The Old Woman Broods

Tadeusz Różewicz
Dir. Marcin Liber
Duża Scena
ul. Jagiellońska 1



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1 h 30 min

The Old Woman Broods (1968), a consummation of the poet’s interests in old age, is written in praise of female experience. The artists look at Różewicz’s text from the perspective of the contemporary man – they foreground subjects tied to the threat of environmental disaster, whose annihilation of humanity becomes the fulfillment of World War III. This is the backdrop for the main theme – the drama of a woman and her concerns about doing her task of giving birth and rearing children. The author constructs the figure of a woman who, in becoming a mother, gives meaning to the world. The Old Woman emerges still from the chaos; she knows her days are numbered and she clutches at her final moments. She hysterically seeks to dive into a frenzy of creativity (birth), which only remains a hollow scream. In playing this character, Anna Dymna beautifully renders the tragic nature of elderly people in their death throes, no longer capable of mustering their efforts to make a gesture of any kind. Her opposition remains purely verbal, yet doleful, and thoroughly compelling,” notes Łukasz Rudziński at

Violence, war, chaos, degeneration, even snow made of plastic flakes – this is merely the backdrop. The Old Woman is no longer brooding for lost ideals, eternal truths and humanist values. She seldom observes the gallery of stage personalities – it is more us whom she observes. Liber reads the somewhat wilted catastrophic charm of this text through Różewicz’s late work, juxtaposing the play with the long poem “Mother Is Departing,” observing the dissolution of his personal world, the exhaustion of our private micronovel.



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