Sylwia Chutnik; Patrycja Dołowy
Dir. Paweł Passini
Nowa Scena
ul. Jagiellońska 1




1 h 30 min

Wanda has been conceived as a palimpsest, where the drama is uncovered in various layers. Traces of the layers are not entirely scratched away, they overlap and intermingle, creating a whole,” explain the authors of this play written specially for the Stary Theater. “Wanda lies on the bed of the Vistula. In one version of the legend she is the daughter of King Krak. In another, his lover. The legends always end the same, however: with suicide. This archetypal figure of the female suicide and the model martyr for her homeland (simultaneously!) is explored by Paweł Passini – a director known for his unconventional ideas, and for striking a balance between mainstream theater and off productions. This artist likes taking on myths and contemporary history, in which he roots out archetypes whose form only changes over the centuries. He seeks what makes them timely and tests how myths work on us today,” wrote Tomasz Kaczorowski of Nowa Siła Krytyczna. In Passini’s play there are five Wandas, and the multiplication of figures shows the constant presence of this figure in our national mythology.



** Dual role