The root of minus one

The root of minus one

Marian Hemar
Dir. Agnieszka Mandat
Scena Kameralna
ul. Starowiślna 21
The root of minus one




2 h 10 min


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The congenial Devil (Zbigniew Kosowski), with the wobbly gait of a sailor who never spurned a drink, whose body he has possessed, suddenly pops out from behind a sofa and stands between the flustered couple, Jerzy (Krzysztof Stawowy/Artur Dziurman) and Krystyna (Matylda Paszczenko), who is expecting. In this tense moment a disgraceful hidden truth comes to light: Jerzy could be thrown in jail for defrauding a considerable sum of money. The despairing husband and future father is easy prey for the conniving devil. Will he indeed take this offer to help and sell his soul to the devil?

During the People’s Republic era, Marian Hemar was banned, sentenced to ‘artistic oblivion,’ […]. He is chiefly remembered as the author of prewar hits that are sung to this day, such as “Kochać nie warto” [No Point in Loving], “Nikt tylko ty” [Only You], “Panna Mania gra na mandolinie” [Miss Mania Plays the Mandolin] and many others.

I believe Hemar is worth remembering as a playwright, […]. Marian Hemar was capable of providing food for thought in a light and pleasant fashion. This is a solid meal for the spirit and the mind, and you won’t need to hole up in a dark place for a time to digest its contents.
Agnieszka Mandat

No one knows what hell is really like, how the devil looks, if the tar is very hot, or if the cauldrons are full to the brim, but it could be worth pondering, quite seriously, putting aside the mythical cauldrons and pitchforks, what this hell is really all about. I suppose it’s a bit different for every soul, because everyone is afraid of something quite different, and it is the soul that is to be tormented, as the body is dead in the ground (…). This diabolical digression about hell is the crux of this play (…).
Monika Sobieraj, “Dziennik Teatralny Kraków”



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