The Gorgonowa Affair

The Gorgonowa Affair

Jolanta Janiczak
Dir. Wiktor Rubin
Scena Kameralna
ul. Starowiślna 21
The Gorgonowa Affair




135 min


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The artists were inspired by the trial of Rita Gorgonowa, accused of murdering the seventeen-year-old daughter of her lover – the biggest media circus of the interwar era. “This interrogation uses no painkillers. Learning the intimate details of a woman’s life, her tale of giving up children, abortions, and seducing men is like a vivisection. We enter the depths of the main protagonist – we delve into her psyche, explore her veracity (the results of a polygraph machine are projected), and even the insides of her body (colonoscopy records). There is even a session with a hypnotist. All this is an intense experience for the viewer, who sits in the middle of the whole trial, torn between the judge and the accused. (…) The play grows to the dimensions of a metaphor for the patriarchal system, of which the woman becomes the victim,” wrote Łukasz Gazur in Dziennik Polski. We take part in a surprising and emotional trial that unveils layers of history in which the roles seem written in advance, and justice becomes a spectacle…



The Gorgonowa Affair - video