First Order Chaos

First Order Chaos

Dir. Mateusz Pakuła
Scena Kameralna
ul. Starowiślna 21
First Order Chaos




2 godz.


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“In times when the basic scientific facts are being disputed, we gravely need science and reason, even – and perhaps most of all – in art,” bellows the voice of Jan Peszek from off-stage, impersonating Polish journalist Krystyna Czubówna. Through the pantomime etudes of the enthusiastic Motor Proteins (Michał Majnicz, Juliusz Chrząstowski), gamely leaping into the enormous cell built on the stage, the tale of evolution begins to emerge, picked up in the following scenes by the other protagonists: the plucky Egg Cell (Małgorzata Zawadzka) bantering with the Motor Cells, the kind though morose Dinosaur (Małgorzata Gałkowska) discussing her fate with Charles Darwin (Łukasz Szczepanowski), the Ecoterrorist who sees the human species as harmful to nature and demands its elimination through audience vote, and the chatty Rat (Szymon Czacki), a proponent of rational thought, bravely rebelling against the Romantic tradition. The action keeps barreling along in a mostly humorous tone, stoked by the pigeon band (Zuzanna Skolias, Antonis Skolias, Marcin Pakuła), who give this tale of evolution intriguing shades of sadness and melancholy.

Mateusz Pakuła has created a hit, a science lesson that makes you leap from your seat like a nerd instead of yawning and holding your head. It’s got energy and total madness.
Dawid Dudko, Onet Kultura.

This play is recommended for viewers fourteen and up, as well as adults.