Paulina Kondrak

Paulina Kondrak

A graduate of the Acting Department of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Kraków /2018/

1 October 2017 – The Stary Theatre, Kraków

The brilliant technique, vocal training, and charm of this young actress were swiftly recognized by such directors as Józef Opalski and Iwona Kempa. Even before beginning at the National Stary Theatre, she appeared in such Krakow theatres as the Słowacki, Ludowy, and STU, as well as at Warsaw’s Stefan Jaracz Ateneum Theatre.

In Warsaw, Paulina Kondrak performed in “Candide,” directed by Adam and Maciej Wojtyszko, and her role, or in fact, her several roles, got her noticed by the critics. Then in “The Father,” directed by Iwona Kempa, a tragicomic tale of growing old and the difficulties in forming family relationships, taking the role of an enigmatic woman who is little more than a product of the main protagonist’s (Marian Opania) diseased mind, she showed a talent for creating supporting characters.

As a student of Krakow’s Theatre Academy (PWST), she received distinctions for her role in “Polish Memories,” directed by Mikołaj Grabowski for the Festival of Theatre Schools: “Of the entire cast, the character created by Paulina Kondrak undoubtedly stands out; she amuses the audience with her perfect impersonation of a Highland dialect, and reveals the absurdity (through a masterful command of diction) in scenes of classroom dialogue on patriotism and Polish sacred cows” (Aleksandra Naróg).

At the Słowacki Theatre she performed in a play based on the works of Anton Chekhov, “A Not Entirely Happy Story,” directed by Józef Opalski. With her ensemble, she created a play about solitude that was “meticulously cruel and cruelly meticulous” (Wacław Krupiński), and which lingered long in viewers’ memories. It was with this performance that Paulina Kondrak entered the professional stage.

Krakow audiences were treated to her singing talents and more in the Ludowy Theatre play based on the music of Zygmunt Konieczny. “In the song Hypnotize Me, Kondrak appears to go beyond the confines of the musical to create a flesh-and-blood character, whose story I would have been most keen to discover” (Justyna Arabska). “Of all the songs performed on stage, it was I’m Not So Foolish Anymore by Kondrak that stole the show” (Ola Mysłek).

At STU Theatre, the actress played Aniela in “Maidens’ Weddings,” directed by Krzysztof Pluskota: “As the more delicate of the maidens, Paulina Kondrak gave a splendid rendering of the uncertainty and indecision so characteristic of Aniela” (Emilia Kwapniewska). The same theatre produced “The Witches,” directed by Krzysztof Jasiński, based on various Shakespeare dramas, where the actress took on the role of Juliet (among others).


2017 – City of Krakow Creative Scholarship 2017

2017 – Jury award at the 35th Festival of Theatre Schools for “Polish Memories” (dir. Mikołaj Grabowski)

2017 – Sapere Auso Scholarship for outstanding artistic achieveme

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