Chekhov marathon

Chekhov marathon


5 pm / New Stage “The Seagull”
5 pm / Zone BE “Ivanov”
5 pm / Museum “Uncle Vanya”
7 pm / New Stage “Three Sisters” – PREMIERE
7 pm / Zone BE “Uncle Vanya”
7 pm / Online “Three sisters”  
9 pm / New Stage “Ivanov”
9 pm / Zone BE “Three sisters”
9 pm / Museum “The Seagull”

Tickets: 5 PLN


On Sunday (July 12), video presentations of the readings of Anton Chekhov’s plays, directed by Agnieszka Glińska, will take place in the National Stary Theatre (1 Jagiellońska St.) at 5pm.

The premiere of the video recording of the last reading from the series “Czechow w Starym online” – “Three sisters” will also be shown during the screening.

The project was inaugurated on June 14 this year. Actors of the Stary Theater have been reading Anton Chekhov’s plays, translated by a renowned translator of Russian literature, Agnieszka Lubomira Piotrowska.

We are waiting for you in our Theater!

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