Małgorzata Walenda

Małgorzata Walenda

A graduate of the Theatre Academy in Krakow

2019–2022 – Nowy Theatre in Poznań

2022–2023 – Muzyczny Theatre Capitol

2023 – H. Modrzejewska National Stary Theatre in Krakow

A sixth sense for creating sharp, genuine characters, and a marvellous voice that gained her applause in the music theatre rang out melodiously at the National Stary Theatre in the “Three-Penny Opera” by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Ersan Mondtag, where Małgorzata Walenda virtuosically played the part of Lucy. Marcin Wierzchowski also entrusted the actress with a role in “Alte hajm/The Old House” (Nowy Theatre in Poznań), in which “Małgorzata Walenda convincingly portrays Natasza Cymerman, a character discovering her Jewish roots” (Piotr Dobrowolski, Teatr no. 4).

The actress came to Poznań after acting school, and this was where, apart from Wierzchowski’s play, she created several outstanding roles. One of these was in a production of Dorota Abbe’s “I Swim in Outer Space,” lauded in a separate paragraph by Juliusz Tyszka: “I also believe that a round of applause should go to how three young actors play teenagers. I was most convinced by Małgorzata Walenda as K – (…). She did not pretend to be a teenager, she did not ‘embody’ this teen, but through her acting she merely made the audience understand: ‘I am who I am, but if I were a teenager, I would probably behave like this.’ And the viewer finds this likeness quite probable” (

Singled out by Jacek Sieradzki as a “Hope” in the thirtieth edition of “A Subjective List of Theatre Actors,” she: “took home one of the main prizes at the Wrocław Review of Actors’ Songs (…), she won the ‘We Remember Osiecka’ competition. The Nowy Theatre in Poznań employed her back when she was a student at Krakow’s Academy of Theatre Arts, she helped prepare a song recital, and performed in plays which showed off her voice (Dorota Abbe’s ‘I Swim in Outer Space’), and also took on a full-blooded dramatic role in Marcin Wierzchowski’s ‘Alte hajm / The Old House’.” The power of Walenda’s voice was used to good effect in the musical “Daisy” (Dramatyczny Theatre in Wałbrzych), where she played the title role, and in which: “As the director himself stressed (…), it was important that Daisy was played by an ‘actress who really knows how to sing,’ and the role went to the charismatic, attention-grabbing Małgorzata Walenda (…), who does indeed do a splendid job with the songs” (Kamil Bujny,

Małgorzata Walenda has proved her acting talent in each of her roles to date, and a craft that makes her always a notable presence on stage, regardless of the size of her role, lingering in the viewer’s memory. One example is Jan Klata’s play “Red Noses” (Nowy Theatre in Poznań), featuring “the Lepers (Martyna Zeremba–Maćkowska, Małgorzata Walenda, Marta Herman), whose costumes were so evocative they gave me chills as they performed their silent dance. This was a symbol of all suffering, voiceless… A brief yet telling and highly emotional scene (Monika Krawczak,” Special mention should go to her role as the diva in the musical “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” directed by Simon Phillips on the stage of the Capitol Musical Theatre, of which Magda Piekarska wrote in “The three divas—Justyna Woźniak, Ewa Szlempo-Kruszyńska, and Małgorzata Walenda—are all splendid.”

Her stage career began while she was still a student, in the prize-winning diploma production “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” (dir. Marcin Czarnik), for which, along with her ensemble, she received a Grand Prix at the 37th Festival of School Theatres in Łódź. She has also received a ZAiKS special award, and a Polonica prize at the 39th Review of Actors’ Songs.

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