Based on the work by Martín Caparrós
Dir. Aneta Groszyńska
Nowa Scena
ul. Jagiellońska 1




1 h


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“How can we live, dammit, with the knowledge that such things are going on?” This phrase haunts the author of “Hunger,” as it does the readers of Martín Caparrós’ book. The book itself is an extraordinary journey through the neverending history of the phenomenon of hunger. In their rendition of “Hunger,” young artists have proposed what they call a tasteless musical performance. They ask us, as an audience and as citizens, how can we avoid being guests at Nero’s feast. Together with four actors from Stary Theatre ensemble, they create such characters as A Man from the Western World, Mother Theresa, Starving Child, Vandana Shiva or Broker from Chicago, who take us on a journey to investigate the many shades of the Western conscience.

We are acquainted with fragments the book in a swift and witty fashion. Małgorzata Biela lists some harsh statistics (a child dies of hunger every five seconds). Szymon Czacki tries to feed a hungry child (Katarzyna Krzanowska) a super-nutritious energy bar, off which he makes a tidy profit, and gets irritated when the child dies instead of showing its gratitude.

Joanna Targoń, Gazeta Wyborcza – Kraków


Hunger - video