All Imaginary

All Imaginary

Anna Karasińska
Dir. Anna Karasińska
Nowa Scena
ul. Jagiellońska 1



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  • 19.10
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1 h

This is a performance about anything you want it to be. In this performance, its protagonists walk, talk and lie down. They say their parts. Until death befalls them and us.

Anna Karasińska, excerpt from the script


Anna Karasińska’s play features four actors from the Stary Theatre who, together with the director, try to recount their respective worlds. Making use of a simplified stage situation, they take the viewers’ imagination into non-obvious and sometimes abstract regions with humour and the power of personal confession. In “Wszystko zmyślone” (“All Imaginary”), the presence of actors, stripped of theatrical convention, has special significance. It is they who – via their manner of being and the script based on improvisation – allow themselves and us to let our imagination run wild. Anna Karasińska’s play was created via the process work method. This is an intimate mode of creation, calling for trust from both sides, in the course of which elements of the script are sometimes built from accidental events, interpersonal situations or the content existing at a given moment, in a given theatre, which waited for its turn to be reflected on stage. The process may start from thinking about the performance in a mysterious city shrouded in fog, and end with a play about animated fossils, whose intriguing voices are going to hypnotise the audience. The performances that result from such work are related to the location; they evoke intense associations, have the power and indirectness of impact; however, they may also elude the expectations.


This performance is, actually, the reality around us. (…) There is a great dosage of infantile sensitivity in it that makes the journey with the actors like talking to oneself: about the paradoxes of being a man, about love, about fear, about the absurd situation of being an actor on stage and in everyday reality. It simultaneously happens on the whole planet and in the cosmos. Kinga Kurysia, ”Nowa Siła Krytyczna”




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