Premiere of “Ashes and Diamonds” cancelled

Premiere of “Ashes and Diamonds” cancelled

We regret to announce that the premiere of Ashes and Diamonds directed by Marcin Liber has been cancelled following a consultation with the artists behind the play.

Please read their statement:

“The managerial changes at the National Stary Theatre are yet another step in the cultural havoc taking place in Poland. One of the devices employed in this process is the demolition of major Polish theatres, resulting in total annihilation of Poland’s critical theatre. The continuation of our work on the show Ashes and Diamonds would demonstrate our consent to this strategy, and this would fly in the face of our artistic ideals.

Marcin Liber, Mirek Kaczmarek, Filip Kaniecki, Grupa Mixer: Monika Ulańska, Dorota Gaj-Woźniak, Robert Woźniak

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