Focus: The Shoemakers

Focus: The Shoemakers

12 March 2017, 16.30
Strefa BE, 1 Jagiellońska Street


Admission: free

When we think of something new, we usually feel an overwhelming anxiety rather than just excitement or exhilaration. Is anxiety of the unknown an adequate argument to abandon the thought of a revolution in contemporary theatre? If it is necessary, then what should the revolution be like? What should it oppose and how should we proceed with it? At a meeting as part of the Focus series that will accompany the first performance of Justyna Sobczyk’s “The Shoemakers”, professional actors of the Stary Theatre and disabled people starring in the play will talk about how they perceive theatre and how their views on acting have evolved within the process of working on the play.

The discussion with artists and the audience will be hosted by: Agata Dąbek

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