Focus: Autonomy

Focus: Autonomy

25 June 2017, 18.00
Adress: Strefa BE

Free Admission

Anna Karasińska and actors of the show All Imaginary

Szymon Adamczak

The meeting to complement the premiere of Anna Krasińska’s show will address process-driven show development.

We will mainly discuss original artistic strategies related to the way artists approach the complex reality in order to shed some light on the performance development method in question. The talk will deliberately revolve around the concept of “autonomy,” the key word for the debate on the role of art, especially so when cognitive and creative independence is inseparable from a context that a work of art such theatre show is created in.


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"The Story of Sin" premiere

The premiere of "The Story of Sin" directed by Wojtek Rodak, will take place on April 19th.


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