Long cycle

04.06 - 05.06.2016

Description of event

04.06 - 05.06.2016

24-hour art project at the Stary Theater
art / theater / performance / installation / exhibition

A special twenty-four-hour arts and theater event will be held in a space of the National Stary Theater normally closed to the general public, with performative projects, installations, and art works specially prepared for this occasion. LONG CYCLE will be a meeting of artists from various disciplines who see theater as one of the many fields of their activities. Visiting the exhibition will take on an unusual, intimate form: every fifteen minutes a group of ten viewers will set off on a specially orchestrated route through the back rooms of the Stary Theater, encountering the work of the artists invited for the project.

LONG CYCLE will accompany the opening of MICET (The Center for Theater Education, Museum of the Stary Theater), and as an event, it will serve as a counterpoint to the newly opened “museum” part of the Stary Theater. It is an ephemeral exhibition, which, like a play, appears and then vanishes. The museum, meanwhile, is an attempt to grasp what remains after the theater and what is constant in it. Bearing in mind that the theater is a place where people of various artistic paths converge and create a team, working together on the creation of a play, we wanted the theater building to serve as a pretext for their explorations. We believe that these pieces were created through carefully examining these spaces that had never before served as places for experiencing art, or were silent witnesses to its creation. This stage is doubtless such a place, and as a privileged location it will, for this one evening, become less important than the newly-created stations. Then we shall see the theater as an organism whose space and users can be filled with art where you least expect it.

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